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Process Management and analysis

Technologies have evolved, laws are changing, responsibilities are changing and competitiveness is increasing.
Today, more than ever, companies are called upon to ensure that each organizational unit improves its performance.
Keeping the company in step with evolution needs be one of the cornerstones behind better business management.

In order to implement a business improvement plan, it is therefore necessary to aim at defining processes and organizing them.

A process is a set of related activities carried out by people related to often heterogeneous structures. It is like an orchestra in which everyone contributes, with commitment, to generate the right symphony.

The goal of a proper process management is business efficiency in terms of productivity, results and information exchange. By focusing on updating processes, you can significantly improve your organization. It is therefore necessary to know in depth what is being done, namely the strategic, operational and support processes. Not only that, it will be necessary to adopt a global vision to grasp any critical issues arising from what gravitases around the individual processes.

Approaching a business vision for processes ensures the necessary coordination between all the company activities and allows to identify the figures responsible for the entire process supervision, this allows to generate customer satisfaction and therefore value for the company.

The Cycle

The analysis of business processes, for a correct business management, takes place in several phases. Below we will detail the 4 main steps of the methodology:

  • AS-IS Analysis;
  • Processes to be improved identification;
  • Introduction of new processes and action plan;
  • Process analysis and optimization.


AS-IS Analysis

In this phase, the analysis and understanding of the current business processes takes place. For a complete process mapping task, OPSI asks the key questions to be able to understand in detail how these take place within the company and how process managers work to achieve their daily goals. This phase is essential as it lays foundations for the necessary documentation implementation for future intervention plan.

Identification of processes to be improved

Following the mapping of a company's existing processes, it is essential to identify areas and processes, consistent with strategic objectives, on which to focus to improve business efficiency. In this phase, key performance indicators are prepared to make these processes defined and measurable. It should be noted that even if the mapping phase concerns the entire company reality, the areas of improvement intervention, at first, can only take place on some key processes for the business strategy pursued. Focusing your efforts on strategic processes is the key to making your customers feel more value and consequently, the quickest way to achieve business goals.

New processes introduction and action plan

In this phase, new business processes are modeled and designed with a view to greater integration. The new processes, including the steps to be taken and the reference deadlines to achieve the set improvement objectives, are shared with stakeholders and improved until the final version that will be illustrated to the relevant operational managers. This last step is very delicate because the activities that make up a process can also belong to multiple business functions.

Process analysis and optimization

The introduction in the company of new processes involves the measuring and verifying the results obtained. These analyses are the key to continuous business improvement and to increasing the efficiency of each resource involved in the process. This results in continuous measurement of processes and improvement of them. In this way a high quality of service is guaranteed in all its phases, the continuous company improvement and the effective objectives achievement initially set.

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